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Reducing the costs and environmental impact of sailing

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Our Vision

At Sail Exchange, our vision is to facilitate the reuse and recycling of sails and yachting equipment to help reduce landfill and minimise our carbon footprint, while enabling yacht owners to get the most from their sailing with affordable, high-quality new and used products. 

The Sail Exchange Story

Sailing is in the Crafoord family's blood.

Carl Crafoord started his career as a sailmaker in the late '70s and early '80s. Carl then sailed professionally globally in maxi yachts and has competed in international regattas in several classes of yacht. He has maintained his competitive yacht racing career and in 2023 competed in his 37th Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race aboard Grant Wharington's Wild Thing 100.

"From my earliest memories of dinghy sailing with my Dad on Sydney Harbour to competing in my 36th Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, through to supporting our teenage son Ben's participation in national and international regattas, my family and I love the challenges, teamwork and personal growth that come from competitive sailing."

– Carl Crafoord, CEO Sail Exchange


As anyone involved in sailing will know, the costs of new sails, rigging, electronics and other equipment can be eye-watering. What fewer may have considered is the environmental impact. What happens to those serviceable sails you've decided to upgrade before they've reached the end of their useful life? And what about those sails that are worn out or damaged beyond repair? Are they destined to be another contribution to the ever-growing mountain of landfill waste?

Former distributors of Harken and Quantum Sails Australasia, Carl and his wife Bettina established Sail Exchange in 2016 as a worldwide online marketplace for new and used sails, hardware, spars and rigging. Based in Sydney, Australia, Sail Exchange was founded to offer savings to the budget-conscious sailor.

But just as important as offering great value to sailors was Carl and Bettina's desire to reduce the environmental impact of the sailing industry by building a solution for sailors founded on the fundamental principles of sustainability:


"We love being able to offer affordable products in an expensive industry."

– Carl and Bettina Crafoord

With a lifelong passion for the sport and the industry, as well as a love and respect for the environment we live and sail in, Carl and Bettina are committed to leading the reuse and recycling of sails. To date, Sail Exchange has facilitated the consignment and sale of thousands of used sails worldwide.

Sail Exchange is now moving into facilitating the reuse and recycling of spars and other equipment by creating an international network of marine and recycling partners. Plus, it continues to source new and used sails and boating equipment from Carl's large sailing network.

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