How Sail Exchange Works

Our four-step process is so simple

Making sails isn’t difficult. But making sails that are well-designed and constructed in accordance with strict quality control standards requires real dedication. Even more so when those sails are backed up by a global 30-day money-back guarantee and a full 12-month warranty.

Our simple, four-step process will enable you to measure your boat and find a range of high-quality new and used headsails, mainsails, spinnakers and asymmetric spinnakers, and free flying sails that will fit your boat. Follow these four steps:

  1. Sail Finder – open our simple video-guided Sail Finder boat measuring tool (if you prefer, you can download our Boat Measuring Guide form).
  2. Measure – watch our helpful step-by-step videos as you measure your boat (don't worry, it's very straightforward).
  3. Submit – input your measurements in Sail Finder (or send us your completed Boat Measuring Guide form) along with all the photos you have taken as you measured your boat – these will help us to get the specification right for you.
  4. Select and Purchase your sail from the new, used and custom-build options we will send to you.

New Sails

Sail Exchange can help you configure a brand new, custom-built sail with all of the hardware and other additions you require.

Our new-build sails are constructed in accordance with strict quality control standards and are backed up by a global 30-day money-back guarantee and a full 12-month warranty. They can be delivered globally on time and at the right price.

Used Sails

Sail Exchange also has over 2,000 near-new and used sails in stock. Each sail is rated out of 10 to indicate its condition and help with comparing similar sails on the site.

  • Sails rated 10/10 are in stock, are brand new and have been sent to us from global sailmakers as discontinued OEM production boat sails or incorrect build details e.g. they did not fit the boat they were intended for
  • Sails rated 9/10 have only been used for a few hours.
  • Sails rated 1/10, 2/10 or 3/10 are not suitable to be hoisted but are suitable to be recycled, reused for decorative purposes including as sun covers or tarps, or re-purposed.
  • At Sail Exchange, we consign, review, rate, sell and ship used sails globally with the same exacting quality control standards we apply to the new sails we design in-house and have manufactured to our standards. With accurate measurements, we can recut and modify used sails to fit your boat. The CAD work we produce allows us to quote recuts without removing the sail from storage.

We also accept trade-ins of used sails against new sail purchases (please see our Terms of Service).

You can browse our entire inventory HERE. All sails are listed in order of luff length and use metric measurements.

Our promise to customers:

We deliver premium-quality new or used sails that fit your boat at unmatchable value, guaranteed.