Sails For kids

Helping sailing clubs for kids with the cost of new sails

“Our clubs need help supporting youth sailing. If you have old or un-used sails, donate them through your club to raise much-needed funding.”

– Carl Crafoord, CEO Sail Exchange

Sails for kids

How you can help make a difference

Sails For Kids runs state-based donation drives to collect your un-used sails for the benefit of funding youth sailing programs around the country.

Your donated sails will be sold via Sail Exchange and 60 per cent of the proceeds will be returned to the club (or its nominee) to assist with funding youth sailing programs and support the future of sailing for our kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know when to leave my sails at my sailing club for pick-up

The date and location will be announced by your sailing club to all members directly via e-mail. Check this page for updates, too!

Where will the sails go?

The sails will be collected on behalf of Sail Exchange by our national freight and logistics partner. They will then be inventoried, measured, photographed and warehoused in Sydney and placed on Sail Exchange's website.

How do I know that my sailing club's junior sailing program will receive the correct portion of the sale price?

The sails will be rated as per Sail Exchange's valuation model. The sailing club will have access to the inventory online and will be notified of all sales. The ensuing funds will be automatically sent to the sailing club's junior sailing account for reconciliation.

How does the valuation method work?

Please see our valuation summary for a detailed overview of the valuation methodology.