Get those unused sails out of storage and let us sell them for you!

How to consign your sail

Sail Exchange offers you the opportunity to consign and sell your unused sails, creating a useful contribution to the cost of new sails or running your boat. Our online store matches interested buyers and sellers, giving your unwanted sails a new life and helping put a stop to unnecessary landfill.

Our simple consignment process

Here's how simple it is:

  • Complete the relevant form below.
  • We receive the consignment and handle all the logistics for you, including measuring, assessing, photographing and storing the sail for you, the consignor.
  • When we have the details, we list your sail(s) on the online shop.
  • Once the sail is sold, you, the consignor, receive a success fee of 50 per cent of the selling price (less GST). Note: this is for sails consigned within Australia only.

Then complete the form, sign it and return it to us. It's that easy!